Country Lou Watson|Press Release

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  • Country Lou Watson's New CD Will Be Ready To Purchase Soon
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    1. Neon Lights
    2. If These Walls Could Talk
    3. If The Good Lords Willing
    4. Looking In The Mirror
    5. Something I Can Hold on To
    6. Keep It Country
    7. For Old Time Sake
    8. Blues Is A Good Woman Feeling Bad
    9. That's Country
    10. If You Ain't Giveing Her Love Somebody Is
    11. Pan Handle Slim
    12. So Sweet When She's Asleep
    13. Tenny Shoe Waltz
    14. He Watches Over Me

    Country Lou Watson, the talented
    singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas,
    is a True Symbol Of Texas Culture, and
    Tradition Country Music,
    continues to produce some of the
    best music in the Lone Star State
    throughout his career.

    Press Releases From Publicist Judy Shannon
    Attention Country Lou Watson Fans!
    Mark your Calendar For The First Show July 10, 2014

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